Feeding Community was founded to fill important gaps in food security exacerbated by the Covid19 pandemic.

Our Mission

Provide nutritious, culturally-appropriate meals to community members in need in the Twin Cities Metro.

Our Vision

A hunger free world.

Our Values

  1. We believe in people and food.
  2. We believe in collaboration and community.
  3. We believe everyone deserves access: to healthy food, safe housing, and economic opportunities.

Born from need

The number of Minnesotans who struggle to put enough food on the table remains at its highest level and the Covid19 pandemic has only made it worse.

With more Minnesotans out of work or forced to stay home for health reasons, Feeding Community has partnered with some amazing organizations to provide an important lifeline. Most importantly as a Halal only provider, our unique services meet a growing need in the Twin Cities metro and across the state.

With your support and the support of our amazing partners, we plan to distribute over 1 million meals by the end of 2021.

Our Food.

Our Food

We focus on providing culturally-appropriate, nutritious meals that are halal. As our state continues to grow even more diverse, there is a growing need to support communities that need halal, and kosher, options.

Culturally, our food speaks to and resonates with a wide spectrum of identities and communities. With our direct catering and now our home meal service, we provide a robust menu that provides variety for our clients and includes healthy options that are based on current federal nutrition standards.

These are some of the incredible organizations we partner with.